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Dallas WTC

Posted: 21 Oct 2020 19:46
by I45Tex
Reading the excellent 1970s architecture book "Dallasights," it turns out that the Dallas Market Center's World Trade Center began as a seven-storey building with full-height atrium, with foundations underneath for a twenty-storey building. As the skyscraper sites will all tell us, the World Trade Center is 15 storeys after an eight-storey second phase was added above the first phase.

Now this means, most likely, that significant additional levels could still be added -- but the demand isn't for the original use, so what would YOU add up top?

For whom, and why for that blend of people?

Your design can also extend to the ground on one or both long blank walls of the existing building, if you like.

Re: Dallas WTC

Posted: 15 Jan 2021 16:23
by Tnexster
What's in there now? Office space? Would a hotel make sense or too many around close by?

Re: Dallas WTC

Posted: 19 Aug 2021 17:02
by I45Tex ... n-a-while/

Maybe Harlan Crow shouldn't ever make this tower taller. Maybe the city should buy land on the borders of Love Field to allow future runways to be poured in a different direction (still straddling our terminal) than the current runways.

After all, the end of the Austin Bergstrom runways is within 4.5 miles of their proposed supertall skyscraper, just like downtown Dallas is 4.5 miles from Love Field (and downtown Miami 4.5 miles from Miami International).

The difference is in where we point those runways. They aim all flight paths N-S in Austin, and most flight paths E-W in Miami, missing the central business district. Here they don't.

It's not the presence of an airport that causes the height limits (which create de facto FAR limits, even where none are legislated). We could keep the airport and lose the limits.