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redesign the Hodges Capital building site

Posted: 20 Jun 2022 14:22
by I45Tex
Any ideas for 2905 Maple? It is owner-occupied but starting to be worth a new vision given that it's surrounded by the Stoneleigh Hotel, 2811 Maple, the Maple Terrace mixed-use project, and so forth.

Only 2-3blocks away from it are a few other recent residential redevelopments such as Glass House, Azure, and Uptown Trail (2525 Carlisle), while McKinney Avenue itself is a 3 block walk down the long face of the Crescent.

Well, with this kind of a proximate site, perhaps they should just build a subway station underground here and wait for DART to connect a new line to it...

Re: redesign the Hodges Capital building site

Posted: 20 Jun 2022 14:44
by I45Tex
Okay, not to dampen other ideas at all, but just to riff on that one, how about a Union Station/Riverfront Dallas Streetcar tram that goes into an electric bus/streetcar tunnel portal after the Design District and stops here below ground, with elevators, escalators, stairs and ramps to a ground floor retail courtyard, continuing on its way to stops beneath the West Village and the DART Knox-Henderson infill station (making that lower-level tram stop turn into a multimodal transfer station whenever the upper subway station is finished and opened)...