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FW/Dallas Trellis, Pergola, & Brise-Soleil

Posted: 26 Aug 2018 12:17
by I45Tex

In the above post, forumer buildingswithlegs remarked the trend of public sunshades popping up across North Texas.

Within a year of the Winspear Opera House's opening in October 2009, a whole bunch were also finished on the mall of UT Dallas: ... ticle.html

This thread can serve as a spot for new ideas in that genre, or simply for tracking of comparison projects. Enjoy!

Re: FW/Dallas Trellis, Pergola, & Brise-Soleil

Posted: 26 Aug 2018 12:33
by tamtagon
After seeing the video and agreeing with buildingwithlegs' comment, I thought ATT would need more shade through out the plaza.

Re: FW/Dallas Trellis, Pergola, & Brise-Soleil

Posted: 27 Aug 2018 13:07
by The_Overdog
The office building I currently work in has this outdoor pergola/lunch area that is surrounded by the most neglected plants and it's on the south side of a glass building and a few decent chairs but mostly the roughest toughest benches that you can imagine -and even in the summer the temperature is great and workers spend time out there. Dallas and most of the south would honestly be amazing candidates for green trailways. It really is an amazing trick that causes the heat and humdity to be cut by 50% somehow with a pergola and some plants.