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Murals: permanent fixture (or else)?

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Murals: permanent fixture (or else)?

Postby itsjrd1964 » 23 Aug 2018 12:56

The DMN article does mention a roadside piece I remember well from my pre-school days, "Genesis, the Gift of Life" by Miguel Covarrubias. I remember being pleasantly surprised when I heard that not only was the building on Central Expwy. that the mural was in front of being torn down, but that the mural would be saved, restored, and moved to the DMA. Sadly, there was no mention of the mosaics that have been an iconic fixture of Sanger Harris' store facades since the first one with the unique artwork built at Akard/Pacific in the mid-1960s. Not enough was done to save any part of the Valley View mosaic, despite reports that the facade was such that it couldn't be salvaged. The only one of the first 3 that remain is the one at Red Bird/SW Center. At least there are some that are retained or saved, despite the fate of the projects they are attached to--or in the way of.

https://www.dallasnews.com/arts/visual- ... nt-culture

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