ALBANY’S Hudson River waterfront plan

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ALBANY’S Hudson River waterfront plan

Postby art_suckz » 20 Oct 2021 16:39

Finding a Creative Way Around a Bad Highway

Mike De Socio
October 19, 2021, 11:04 AM CDT

Since the 1960s, an elevated stretch of Interstate 787 has blocked Albany’s Hudson River waterfront. To reconnect the city and the river, some offbeat workarounds are in order.


So now the city is chasing a number of offbeat workarounds. A little-used highway ramp is being repurposed into an elevated park (think High Line, but on an interstate). Another proposal would go even higher, via a cable car over the highway. Still others dream of reviving an even more ambitious scheme — digging a canal through downtown Albany, in an effort to bring the river back into the city.

Some of these proposals are more realistic than others, but they all flow from the same desire to reconnect the city with the Hudson River, elevated highway be damned. ... HuAiU9c6Bg
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