Sutherland woes

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Sutherland woes

Postby electricron » 06 Nov 2017 02:58

Praying for all the families affected apparently by a lone shooter.

2nd Amendment....
Today's Sutherland church shooting is going to bring it up again, at least at the State level if not nationally.
Sutherland lies within a community that has a post office, a Dollar General store, two gas stations, and two churches. There are no policemen, but has a volunteer fire department. There is no local schools in Sutherland, the kids go to school in Floresville, the Wilson County seat, 13 to 14 miles away. Wilson County has a population density of 53 people per square mile. It has one sheriff, four investigators, and twenty two deputies.

There were more people killed in that church than there are patrol deputies hired for the entire county. On a schedule of 4 sections for a three shift 8 hour workday, that's around 5 patrol deputies per shift covering 808 square miles of Wilson County. Each deputy on shift must patrol an average of 161 square miles each.

Sutherland is very rural, Texas' famed wide open countryside. It's not an urban area like Dallas with the average policeman's beat covering just a few square miles or less. It's precisely where the framers of the Constitution wanted well armed militias to maintain the peace.

Of course back then, it wasn't a fear of civilized white men that caused the need for militias, it was the fear of uncivilized native Americans on warpath raiding through their communities.

Just like how this community relies upon a volunteer fire department, in rural areas of this country the importance of getting things done by yourself (self reliance) with just limited help from your few neighbors.

How many of these lone shooters incidents must there be for most to realize LHO could have killed JFK alone?