The Trinity Continental Byway

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The Trinity Continental Byway

Postby cowboyeagle05 » 27 Sep 2019 12:53

Was feeling creative today and was looking at pictures of the NYC Highline for inspiration but tried applying some of its innovation to Dallas needs. I came up with an idea I like but would take some serious study and ambitious political wrangling to get off the ground.

What about a raised landscaped pathway that connects Klyde Warren, Victory Park and the Continental Bridge Park.

Kylde Warren already wants to build a new raised pedestrian overpass to the Perot which seems silly to say the least but what about we take it further. Drop a connection at the West End Plaza as well, cross over 35, zig over Continental Blvd/Riverfront Blvd and connect to the dead-end of the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian bridge park. Such a path would connect Trinity Groves in a pretty unique pathway to Uptown in a safer and potentially more attractive way. It could also help bridge the never-ending mess that will always be 35 connecting multiple highly trafficked assets/attractions in a unique way. Plus development near the Continental and Riverfront Blvd intersection could connect much like the High Line has seen above the street level.

It's a total pie in the sky kinda thing but sometimes I enjoy the chance to think out loud despite other rational parts of my mind saying too much money and that will never happen because of _______.
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