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Dallas Arboretum

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Dallas Arboretum

Postby Cord1936 » 20 Jul 2017 13:24

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Re: Dallas Arboretum

Postby tamtagon » 14 Oct 2017 10:22

It's hard to believe this is just now coming together. The gardens opened to the public in 1984, and 33 three years later we're getting a sidewalk. Whatever.

Those well meaning area residents who are trying to hold Garland Road in a 1995 stasis are experiencing purpose degeneration.

From at least Casa Linda to Fair Park, this road should be a masterful East Dallas blend of Grenville Avenue, Turtle Creek Blvd and Knox-Henderson.

https://lakewood.advocatemag.com/2017/1 ... arboretum/

October 12, 2017
The city is one step closer to building a sidewalk in front of the Arboretum

The sidewalk will run from the intersection of Lawther and Garland north along the west side of Garland to Timplemore Drive, where the sidewalk picks up again. Right now, if a pedestrian or cyclist wants to visit the garden, they have to walk or bike over grass along Garland, causing riders and those with walkers or wheelchairs to go off road or head out into traffic.

In a Facebook post, District 9 Councilman Mark Clayton noted how this addition would fit into the larger Garland Road vision to make the area more pedestrian friendly. It’s a win for an area that has long sought sidewalks, a request complicated by the fact that the state owns the highway, giving the city limited options to build there. Sidewalks were possible at the arboretum because the city owns the land.

“Adding these sidewalks will allow neighbors to get to White Rock Lake and the Santa Fe Trail without playing Frogger on Garland Road,” he wrote. “It will also make it easier for families and cyclists to get to the arboretum without having to drive.”

I would bookend the stretch of road under consideration with White Rock Marketplace and Fair Park. This length of road should be entirely walkable and heavily populated.

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Re: Dallas Arboretum

Postby gshelton91 » 08 Mar 2019 11:46

Anyone know what is going on along the White Rock Lake Shore in front of the Arboretum? I have noticed quite a lot of construction but don't see any information about it.

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