Dallas: Loop 12

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Dallas: Loop 12

Postby itsjrd1964 » 20 Jan 2019 05:32

Proposed bill would rename Loop 12 for former Gov. Ann Richards

According to the bill's wording, the naming would be in addition to, not a replacement of, the names that Loop 12 already uses (Northwest Highway, Buckner Boulevard, Great Trinity Forest Way, Ledbetter Drive, and Walton Walker Boulevard), if the bill passes.

https://www.fox4news.com/news/proposed- ... n-richards
https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/86R/b ... 00931I.htm

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Re: Dallas: Loop 12

Postby Tivo_Kenevil » 20 Jan 2019 11:56

Prediction...Nobody's gonna ever call it Ann Richard's hwy. Also, Kinda disrespectful to General Walton Walker having his tribute being also given to someone else.

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Re: Dallas: Loop 12

Postby TNWE » 21 Jan 2019 10:18

The bill is one of many being submitted by lawmakers as the Texas Legislature gets underway in Austin. There’s no guarantee the bill will even get a hearing in front of a committee, much less make it to the floor for a vote.

Not gonna happen. Just a meaningless gesture that he can point to when voters ask what he's done for them lately...