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Adding city/area photos to local Wikipedia articles

Posted: 21 Dec 2018 02:43
by itsjrd1964
I've taken it upon myself to check on/fill in/update locally-oriented Wikipedia articles with photos where needed. I've noticed that office building articles didn't always have a picture of the building, nor did spots like local TV stations have a photo representing the building(s) where they are based. Mind you, I'm hardly a Justin Terveen, but I enjoy a bit of photography on occasion, limited in scope that it may be at the moment. If anyone has any ideas or lack-of-photo sightings concerning locally-relevant Wikipedia articles, feel free to post about them.

Re: Adding city/area photos to local Wikipedia articles

Posted: 24 Feb 2019 11:03
by lakewoodhobo
Thank you for taking this on because it's important work. I've written a couple of Wiki articles myself, but they've been for buildings that no longer exist, like the Cotton Exchange and Southwestern Life. I've also added photos to a few existing articles.

One that I started and never got around to adding a photo of is the one for Kiest Park. I've kinda left it alone because I'm too tempted to write that Edwin John Kiest was a Klan sympathizer, and I'm not sure what good that'll do. It could use a photo or two of the park, however:

Re: Adding city/area photos to local Wikipedia articles

Posted: 02 Mar 2019 12:40
by itsjrd1964
So far, I've been around to One Dallas Center (that one needed an update), the AC Hotel/Residence Inn, Pacific Place, 1600 Pacific-LTV Tower, Harwood Center (the one where Jacobs is), and the Mondrian (for an update). Still have a lot to get to but that will come with time.