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by Yak_Forger
24 Sep 2018 11:39
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas Retail
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Re: Downtown Dallas Retail

It sure is lively there ; it's definitely a good sign that the economy's doing great for them, because you don't open restaurants (which means : buy real estate and invest serious money) and see lots of people in the downtown retail streets in faltering cities... (hell, that's pretty much how econom...
by Yak_Forger
24 Sep 2018 11:34
Forum: The Airports
Topic: DFW Airport
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Re: DFW Airport

Come on, direct DFW-CDG flights? Meanwhile, I can't get a decent flight when visiting distant relatives in Russia because everything goes through Moscow... At least it will make the flights between Dallas and home much more convenient, and on Air France nonetheless! I just hope they won't follow the...
by Yak_Forger
24 Sep 2018 11:33
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: West End: Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum
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Re: West End: Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

A copper coating is definitely a bad idea, it requires a lot of time to be kept in semi decent shape... Isn't the director a shareholder of a house cleaning company? Because it may look "cool" but is a waste of public money.
by Yak_Forger
24 Sep 2018 11:31
Forum: City Issues/News
Topic: Food deserts / 'Food swamps'
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Re: Food deserts / 'Food swamps'

I've read the article and it's quite great ; to make it shorter, the problem is that low income families have to drive a longer time to buy food, so it's a non-negligible investment in time and money (both directly due to fuel prices, and indirectly due to the fact that the time you take driving to ...
by Yak_Forger
24 Sep 2018 11:26
Forum: City Issues/News
Topic: Homelessness
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Re: Homelessness

Eh, I wouldn't call it too big for the government... The main issue isn't in the size of the problem, or the resources needed for it (just reduce the last F-35 order by 3 planes and you're good to go for a decent period of time) but in the fact that... how do you differentiate someone who's homeless...