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by princecy
28 Aug 2018 20:24
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Oak Lawn
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Re: Oak Lawn

Yep. Condos and Micro-units are two things this market is severely lacking. I understand the lack of micro-units though, since we aren't even close to being on New York's level, but I don't understand why there is a lack of condos coming on to the market. Its because people from out of town are com...
by princecy
28 Aug 2018 20:14
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Henderson Avenue Corridor
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Re: Henderson Avenue Corridor

Tenants like restaurants always publicly blame the property owner when they close down. Property owners usually don't get involved in a back and forth of why they closed unless its serious slanderous accusations. So the restaurant management gets to public blame something they didn't do on the busi...
by princecy
28 Aug 2018 19:59
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Uptown Dallas: Business Openings and Closings
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Re: Uptown Dallas: Business Openings and Closings

Matt777 wrote:
lakewoodhobo wrote:Did PL8 even make it 6 months? Trying to see if this or Little Woodrow's or Agave Azul takes the crown for shortest lifetime.

I think Hot Joy takes the crown. 3 months. For good reason. And that stupid, racist mural still adorns the building.

Building will be torn down next year I believe.