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by scott2
11 Nov 2020 14:17
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Oak Lawn: 4001 Cedar Springs Road.
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Re: Oak Lawn: 4001 Cedar Springs Road.

These renderings definitely look pretty great, and I'm glad this area is getting a bit of an outdoor/public 'gathering space'. I wonder if it would make sense to move the Legacy of Love Monument closer to this area (I really dislike the current location of it, but I don't know if there is some speci...
by scott2
24 May 2020 11:55
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Knox / Henderson - Knox Street Side
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Re: Knox / Henderson - Knox Street Side

One of the bars ( Zippers ) has announced it will not reopen so that's a start.I know nothing about Pegasus across the street but that building looks like it's about to fall down on its own.
by scott2
20 May 2020 18:02
Forum: Texas Town + City Issues/News
Topic: Houston Highways
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Re: Houston Highways

Strange bump to this thread I know but I have lived in both Manhattan and San Francisco and seen how the demise of the West End highway and the Embarcadero freeway went largely unnoticed by the commuters ( they simply found alternate routes )but the land values / development exploded in these areas....
by scott2
20 May 2020 15:37
Forum: City Issues/News
Topic: New Census Population Estimates
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Re: New Census Population Estimates

i am not sure i agree with that. The local / regional developers have been ignoring the South and building North for decades. But now the DFW area is being looked at by national and even international investors who do not share that opinion.They see vast areas of undeveloped land 30 minutes or less ...
by scott2
31 Mar 2020 11:58
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Cityplace East: 2711 N. Haskell
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Re: Cityplace East: 2711 N. Haskell

Well the article mentions 3000 parking spaces underground but does not mention a ballroom or event space associated with the hotel and that would require large amounts of parking. They can easily set aside 100-200 space for hotel visitors.
by scott2
07 Mar 2020 18:45
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: North Dallas: Galleria
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Re: North Dallas: Galleria

Frankly I would not object to a building that would compliment the existing architecture rather than the ( now usual ) all glass tower.
by scott2
04 Mar 2020 15:35
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Novel Turtle Creek
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Re: Novel Turtle Creek

Wow...that was really quick. The market for residential hi-rises must be better then i knew.
by scott2
21 Nov 2018 10:55
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: DTD: The National/Thompson Hotel (1401 Elm)
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Re: Downtown Dallas: The Drever

They have gotten as far as removing all ( or most ) or the marble. So far none of it has been replaced. Having spent that much time and money on this project I can't imagine it would be abandoned but who knows.
by scott2
27 Oct 2018 06:06
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Design District: Virgin Hotel
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Re: Design District: Virgin Hotel

I like the facade. It has a retro feel.

Like a 1950'5 Vegas hotel
by scott2
25 Sep 2018 11:27
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: West End: Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum
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Re: West End: Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

No....all private donations.
by scott2
16 Sep 2018 10:03
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: 2000 Ross Project
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Re: Downtown Dallas: 2000 Ross Project

2000 cars per the TCC website
by scott2
07 Mar 2018 19:37
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Uptown Dallas: Marriott Uptown
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Re: Uptown Dallas: Marriott Uptown

It's too bad this Marriott isn't a JW Marriott. I'm sure this will still be a nice infill however JW Marriotts tend to be upscale convention properties and that lot is too small. It would make a better second Convention Center Hotel. There is a big surface parking across the street that would be pe...
by scott2
14 Feb 2018 21:16
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Victory Park 3.0
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Re: Victory Park 3.0

Still the problem is that rents are much higher than what it costs to buy a house in Dallas. I bought a nice house in Casa Linda last year. I pay almost half of what a rent on a high rise in Uptown or Victory costs. I realize many folks would prefer to rent depending on their personal financial situ...
by scott2
31 Dec 2017 01:24
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: 2000 Ross Project
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Re: Downtown Dallas: 2000 Ross Project

Although I am not in the construction biz.... what I have heard from folks that are say that there is such a demand for construction materials, workers, and even construction cranes you can have all the funding in place for new projects but have to wait until you can get a construction team in place...
by scott2
27 Oct 2017 10:56
Forum: City Issues/News
Topic: Fair Park
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Re: Fair Park

Has anyone considered moving the Farmers Market to Fair Park ? It's grown smaller and the area around it filling with high end residential. Eventually the land will be too expensive for the Market and it would give Fair Park year round activity.....on the DART line as well.