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by Dallas Gypsy
11 Feb 2021 16:24
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: The Link at Uptown
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Re: The Link at Uptown

Glass! Glass everywhere!
by Dallas Gypsy
21 Jan 2021 18:37
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Oak Lawn
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Re: Oak Lawn

Has anyone noticed how bad the facade of the Centrum is looking? That update has not aged well and it's only been a few years?! wow Considering the cheap and incredibly badly built apartment complexes that have been built with their stucco and slapped together facades, I would think that a lot of t...
by Dallas Gypsy
13 Jan 2021 04:40
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Victory Park 3.0
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Re: Victory Park 3.0

Leave it to these developers to turn potential into a dud. Stucco trashitecture will look like ghetto slums in twenty years.
by Dallas Gypsy
16 Dec 2020 00:00
Forum: Rail + Guided Transit
Topic: DART D2 Subway
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Re: DART D2 Subway

^ Very generic and uninspiring. Looks like an Apple store...
by Dallas Gypsy
15 Dec 2020 06:32
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Uptown Dallas: McKinney/Boll Tower - 2614 McKinney Ave - (18 ST)
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Re: Uptown Dallas: McKinney/Boll Tower - 2614 McKinney Ave - (18 ST)

That pic is of the tower that was supposed to replace Idle Rich pub.