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by DalnHou
12 Sep 2020 10:28
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Victory Park: The Victor (~453FT / 39ST)
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Re : Victory Park: The Victor (~453FT / 39ST)

Such a disappointment. The W building is much better. Hopefully some lighting scheme will cover the aesthetic deficiencies. The old smokestacks wrapped in neon would have been more visually "aahhh" inducing. Lived in Kessler Park and Oak Lawn for 25 years, now live in Houston, this isn't w...
by DalnHou
30 Jul 2020 14:12
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: DTD: The National/Thompson Hotel (1401 Elm)
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Re: DD: 1401 Elm and Thompson Hotel

Wonderful. Picture it, naive country boy driving over from the Air Force Base at Carswell in Ft Worth in 1980. TV show Dallas was at it's peak. No. 1 all over the world and the skyline of Dallas was akin to what NY or Dubai is today. This building was all lit up and the first thing you saw driving f...
by DalnHou
19 Jun 2020 09:11
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: Hillwood Urban's ~50 storey tower on former BoA motorcourt
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Re: Downtown Dallas: Hillwood Urban's ~50 storey tower on former BoA motorcourt

So once again Dallas is satisfied with mediocrity. This is one of the most prominent sites in a major US city that remains to be developed. This is basically the gateway to Downtown Dallas. It is in the midst of Thom Mayne, Norman Foster, IM Pei, Henry Cobb, Cesar Pelli, Rem Koolhaas, Edward Larrabe...