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    by Published on 08 June 2015 06:30 PM     Number of Views: 9317 
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    McKinney & Olive Tower


    *Note: The forum thread is long-running (Since August 2011), so if it is all new to you - feel free to just tip your toes into the pool somewhere around the last few pages.

    This posting will be continuously updated over the course of this project and afterwards. See the forum thread for all of the other exciting photos of the project that are taken by all the excellent photographers and urban development fans on the forum.

    Starting off w/the timeline of pre-construction and construction via Instagram (probably some humor thrown in occasionally) :
    by Published on 12 April 2015 03:40 PM  Number of Views: 14948 
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    Some visual outtakes from the last 100 days of 2015, going by foot and train, along some usual paths and some paths less traveled.
    All photos in city limits.
    by Published on 24 January 2015 08:38 PM     Number of Views: 13295 
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    So, as always, just a whole lot of random, limited-geography photography with a mobile and lots of back-up charge. Let's go.

    First off:
    by Published on 06 January 2015 03:39 PM     Number of Views: 9219 

    There are some really interesting/important announcements coming up this year and I wanted to list them here to discuss if any are missing. The first two are the most pressing, IMO, but the rest range from long shots to trivial in no particular order.

    1. Fed & Corps decision on Trinity toll road: coming in spring.
    2. Announcement of HRS alignment and Dallas station: no idea when, but should result in a real estate boom for surrounding parcels.
    3. First wave of tenants at "new" Victory Park: not holding my breath, but last we heard there would be a first wave of tenants in the fall.
    4. Plans for Hillwood/Perot Tower across from Perot Museum (along with possible museum expansion plans)
    5. Detailed renderings of Trammel Crow building at Klyde Warren Park
    6. Detailed renderings of Forest City tower at West Village
    7. Plans for Cityplace Tower mixed-use addition
    8. Plans announced for hotel/mixed-use component of One Main Place
    9. Anchor tenant announced at 1401 Elm/Olympic
    10. Plans for $1.2 billion development south of City Hall
    11. Hotel flag announced for Statler Hilton
    12. Plans for Virgin Hotel in Dallas
    13. Master plan for new Headington development in Design District
    14. Plans for demolition/reconstruction of Cabana Hotel